Transforming and Upgrading of Taicang--Digital Workshop Construction

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    On Mar. 26th, 2021, the first phase of Taicang’s digital workshop construction had been completed and reached the target capacity.It has laid a good foundation for company transforming and upgrading, intelligent manufacture, expanding market, and stepping into scientific and healthy virtuous cycle development.
Chongqing Taicang Technology Co.Ltd is located in area A, Jianqiao Industrial Park, Dadukou District, Chongqing, China with more than 35,000 square meter production area. It is a High-tech Enterprise which is professional in developing, manufacturing, selling cylinder block of motorcycle engine. Taicang has a complete process production & supply chain including die-casting, machining, powder coating and Nikasil plating. Its market share ranks among the top of the same domestic industry.

    In order to meet the needs of market development and solve problems of equipment aging, low efficiency, few high-end products, unreasonable product structure and poor benefits, Taicang has made a development strategy of transforming and upgrading, intelligent production, attracting customers by internal improving and exploit high-end market in 2019. In May 2020, the construction of digital workshop project had been officially started. According to the plan, Taicang will invest more than 20 million to construct 2 intelligent production lines. These 2 lines will mainly produce high-end all aluminum cylinder block with capacity more than 50,000 pieces per month and output value more than 10 million per month. The construction of this project is divided into 3 phases, it will be completed in the first half of 2022 and approved by municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.

    The first phase of digital workshop had been constructed according to the new production mode of product process flow. Its construction and production were simultaneously carried out. Taicang had brought in a lot of advanced and intelligent equipment, and applied software management system of MES, PDM, etc. The first phase realizes the target of producing with constant temperature and humidity, manufacturing with whole process monitoring, digitalized process, traceable batch and OEE monitoring. It is equipped with capacity of producing 15000 pieces high-end product per month. This digital workshop has gained high attention and strong support from customers. The domestic and foreign customers both come to sign the cooperation agreement, and now the products demand has exceededits supply. Taicang has preliminarily realized the strategy target of attracting customers by internal improving.

    The completion of digital workshop’s first phase is only a beginning of Taicang’s transforming and upgrading. The construction of the second and the third phase will be more complex and difficult. In order to achieve the national standard of Digital, Lean, Efficient and Transparent of the workshop, Taicang will apply OA, WMS, new ERP, automatic logistics, on-linetesting (quality analysis) system, robot integrated system, etc. based on the first phase. Meanwhile, Taicang will invest more than 20 high-end VMC to improve capacity to 50000 pieces per month.Taicang plans to achieve the national standard of digital workshop and realizes the target of reducing 15% operating costs, increasing 10% production efficiency, reducing 10% defective rate, increasing 10% energy utilization rate by constructing the second and the third phase in the first half of 2022.

    Standing at a new starting line, Taicang will continue to focus on customers and transform &upgrade, reinforce the construction of digital workshop’s second and third phase, strive to improve customer satisfaction, and achieve great progress for the company.




Die-casting Workshop: Automatic Die-casting Machine with Mechanical Arm


Machining Workshop: Cylinder Block Production Line


Powder Coating Line


Automatic Nikasil Plating Line


Digital Workshop: Constant Temperature and Humidity


Digital Workshop: Constant Temperature Inspection Room 


Digital Workshop: Intelligent Production Line



OEE Real-time Monitoring for Equipment


Product Display


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