Inspection?and Guidance?for COVID-19?by?Chief?of Dadukou District?

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On the afternoon of February 29th, Zhang Guozhi, Chief of Dadukou District, led the district related departments and industrial area leaders to inspect and guide COVID-19 prevention and resumption of work and production. CEO Qin Siyun, general manager Tian Qiang, CEO consultant Tan Shiqiang, office director Liu Xi accompanied the inspection.


Taicang was founded in 1999. After 20 years of development, now the production and sales of the company's motorcycle cylinder block are at the forefront of domestic market. Taicang has More than 500 varieties, large displacement and all-aluminum cylinders are the company's leading products. District Chief and her team first went to the gate to inspect the control situation of COVID-19 prevention and measured the temperature before entering the factory. Then District Chief and her team came to exhibition hall, and CEO Mr. Qin introduced the company’s development history and product structure in detail. The company produces cylinders with displacement from 50CC to 1800CC. At present, Taicang was in the stage of strategic transformation, and the product structure would develop to high additional value as well as high technology product. Then District Chief and her team came to the cylinder block workshop and the die-casting workshop, and carefully inspected the control situation of COVID-19 prevention as well as the resumption of production and work. She fully affirmed that Taicang paid high importance to the prevention and control of COVID-19. When she saw that the resumed production of the workshop was not enough to support the export orders, the District Chief told her team that employees who met the requirements for resumption of work must be approved in time, so that the company can resume production as soon as possible and reduce their losses due to COVID-19. During the inspection and guidance, the District Chief was strongly in favor of the company’s ideas of being refined, specialized and stronger. She hoped Taicang would continue to make efforts to focus on COVID-19 prevention on the one hand and resumption of work on the other hand. For the existing difficulties of company, the district related departments need to study and solve. CEO Mr. Qin appreciated the government departments for their strong support to the company. Taicang would resume work and production in order, and report the control situation of COVID-19 prevention in time. The company would ensure that the prevention and control materials were in place, and speed up the resumption of work and production, stabilizing customers, and reducing the impact of COVID-19 to the company.

District Chief Inspecting Prevention and Control Measures at the Gate

District Chief in Exhibition Hall with Taicang CEO

Taicang Introduction to District Chief

District Chief’s Visit to Exhibition Hall

District Chief’s Inspection to Machining Workshop


District Chief’s Inspection to Die-casting Workshop

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