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Chogging Taicang Techniogy Co . Ltd (formerly named Chongqing Panlong Die Casting Co., Ltd.), funded in 1999, is a private enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of motorcycle engine cylinders, UAV cylinder block and general mechanical cylinder. The company's production and sales are in the forefront of the industry. The company produces cylinders with 50CC-1800CC displacement, more than 600 models and more than 10,000 states. These cylinders have been exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia markets.


In recent years, with the widespread application of robots and the development of manufacturing information technology, the traditional industries are undergoing intelligent transformation and upgrading. Now the country is speeding up to deploy "Made in China 2025". Taicang has taken precautions and responds positively. Since 2018, a large amount of funds had been invested to upgrade the machining equipment and implement the application of robots in die-casting production. In order to further improve the product quality and better satisfy customers’ requirements, Taicang planned to construct a digital workshop at the end of 2019 (completion target 2020-2022) and implement a high-end brand strategy. From then on, Taicang opened the way to construct digital workshop.


CFMOTO customers with Kawasaki customers came to visit and investigate on Jan. 09th, 2020. Taicang leaders made detailed introduction to the customers in regard to the construction of the first phase (constant temperature line) for the company's digital workshop.


Japan Specialist Investigation

After the Spring Festival in 2020, the COVID-19 suddenly appeared. Taicang responded actively by focusing on COVID-19 prevention on the one hand, and resumption of work and production on the other hand with the assistance of City, District and Industrial Area. The company resumed work and production on February 26th. Taicang resumed production and sales by 50% within one week, and resumed production and sales by 75% within 15 days. On February 29th, Zhang Guozhi, Chief of Dadukou District, led the district departments and industrial area leaders to guide COVID-19 prevention and resumption of work and production. The person in charge of Taicang first reported the related work to the district leaders, and then reported company’s next target: Facing the complicated internal and external environment, Taicang would keep original intention and firm confidence, and done its main business without wavering; Continue to increase investment in intelligent manufacturing, speeding up the startup of digital workshops construction, casting high-end brands, occupying the high-end market and injecting new vitality into the development of enterprise.


COVID-19 Prevention

Work Guidance of District Chief

On April 23rd, the management team of Taicang went to Landai to learn about intelligent manufacturing and the application of informatization & big data in production. They exchanged and learned about the production site, equipment abnormality management, quality abnormality handling, planning panel, material panel, W.I., work report of digital workshop. The team had an on-site observation for management system including equipment, logistics, process (PLM), production.

Taicang Management Team’s Visit in Landai

On May 8th, the management team of Taicang visited new factory of Jieli Wheel Hub Intelligent to learn the intelligent manufacturing. They focused on visiting the production logistics line of the new factory, and communicated on product quality abnormality, production pace control, emergency response to abnormal production, MES, batch management and QR code application.


Taicang Management Team’s Visit in Jieli Wheel Hub

On May 11th, the management team of Taicang visited Chongqing Ruifang Yumei Die Casting Co., Ltd. They learned machine management of die-casting workshop, single part quality traceability, batch transfer, first part process inspection and control, equipment spot inspection data collection, product QR code realization process and application.


Taicang Management Team’s Visit in Ruifang Yumei

It can be said that a strong workshop make a strong enterprise, and an intelligent workshop make an intelligent enterprise. To promote the intelligentization of the manufacturing process, the key point is the construction of digital workshops. Digital workshop is the first step of intelligent workshop and the important foundation of intelligent manufacturing. After having a deep understanding of the digital workshop, Taicang has laid a solid foundation for the construction of the digital workshop through continuous learning and improvement.

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